Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blowing smoke up our asses

Rare was a politician who did not bullshit. But, trump and his minions have completely rewritten bullshitting.

Soon after the 2016 elections, one of the big news stories related to jobs and the economy was when president-elect Trump intervened in United Technologies’ decision to shift 2,100 jobs from Indiana to Monterrey, Mexico. Through the deal that he made, even prior to the formal inauguration, Trump assured the American public that he had saved 1,100 jobs.  Remember that?

Here's the update:
Carrier Corp. plans to eliminate 338 jobs at its Indianapolis furnace factory Thursday — and the timing is likely to raise some eyebrows.
The previously announced layoffs coincide, to the day, with the six-month anniversary of Donald Trump's presidency. They are part of a deal Trump struck with the company in December to prevent deeper job cuts at the plant.
The terminations are the first wave of about 630 planned before the end of the year as the company shifts work to Mexico. Carrier's parent company, United Technologies Corp., also plans to lay off another 700 workers at a factory in Huntington near Fort Wayne.
Yep.  And, that is not fake news!

Fifty-five year old Brenda Darlene Battle, who is one of the employees whose contract Carrier terminated, says:
Trump came in there to the factory last December and blew smoke up our asses. He wasn’t gonna save those jobs. 
trump blew smoke up 63 million asses.  It is one hell of a smoke job!

And he continues to blow smoke up people's asses.  Like with his rhetoric on steel from China.  Unlike the 63 million idiots here, the Chinese steelmakers are not putting up with the smoke that trump is blowing up their asses.
China’s steel industry association, which represents 80 per cent of the country’s steel production, has called on Beijing to get tougher with the administration of US President Donald Trump and to threaten retaliation if Washington moves to curb Chinese steel imports.
Meanwhile, the idiot-in-chief touts Made in America.  His bullshit has no place for logic and, therefore, the 63 million idiots do not seem to care what might happen if every country on this planet practiced their own versions.  

The 63 million (and the Berniacs too) can learn a lesson or two from, for instance, the craziness unfolding in Rwanda, which is pushing through a plan to ban second hand clothes within two years because its president, Paul Kagame who wants: "We have to grow our economies. We have to grow and establish our industries."  And the import of second-hand clothes is, therefore, the target.

The irony?
The United States, which is the leading exporter of used clothes to East Africa, has threatened to revisit favorable trade terms if any East African country goes through with the ban. Kenya, which was supposed to enact its own ban, backed off following the U.S. threat. But Rwanda and its president, Paul Kagame, who addressed the band during a press conference last month, stayed the course.
So, let's recap.  The US,  which is a gazillion bazillion times as big as the Rwandan economy, threatens Rwanda that wants to pursue a "Made in Rwanda" strategy,  which is no different from the "Made in America" that trump wants to pursue.

The bullshitter-in-chief continues to blow smoke up our asses because of 63 million smoked out idiots!


Ramesh said...

There is a real tragedy here. Job protection and job creation is serious business. Its not a photo op or a "twitter bite". Your President does not have a clue as to how to create jobs, nor is he really interested. The true proportions of the con job that he is, is simply amazing.

As a continuation of your previous post, the two parties in your country more seem to resemble cults, where reason and logic have flown out of the window. You really need a political revolution; else the country will be in terminal decline.

Actually, you can do quite a lot to stem the loss of jobs and create at least some. How about the recipe below

- Invest heavily in skilling. Not colleges, but purely skills development for creating people who have the skills for taking up jobs for which there are shortages today
- Create a work ethic as a culture. Mindsets have to change that there would be easy money. Agricultural jobs should not have to go to illegal migrants. As a kid, I had learnt that Americans are the leaders in dignity of labour. Where has that gone ?
- Promote mobility. People in the US simply do not move to where the jobs are.
- Remove many of the tax incentives that are available today for companies and reorient them to employment creation. Today capital gains is virtually tax free so that there is an incentive to invest capital. There is no such corresponding incentive for employment creation. I would go so far as to say that allow companies to bring back their overseas cash if they create x jobs per y dollars which should last at least 10 years.

Of course these are hard and some are very long term in nature and not tuned to either the news cycle or even the election cycle. You need a set of leaders who declare that they absolutely do not want to be reelected and instead they want to do the right thing for America. Utopian dream ?

Sriram Khé said...

I have nothing to disagree with ... and practically nothing to add to what you have said.

"The true proportions of the con job that he is, is simply amazing."
This is the only one that I want to expand on ... he made it very clear, throughout his campaign and even before that when he was aggressive about the "birth certificate" that he is one heck of a con man, with not a hint of moral scruples anywhere in his being. He is one of the most transparent public figures ever in my lifetime. Yet, 63 million voted for him. Yet, the highly "moral" evangelicals continue to support him. ...
My point is this: it should not be a surprise that conning is all that he does.