Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Who is afraid of the clothed?

I was waiting at the airport gate for the cross-border flight into Canada.  A young man, with dark hair and a full beard, and fully robed, was pacing up and down.  He looked like a uber-religious guy, and did not talk to anybody, nor did he even make eye contact with anybody.

Yet, nobody seemed to care.

Strange, right?

Well, except that his robes were all black.  And he had a crucifix dangling from his neck.  Yep, he was an Orthodox Christian priest.  So, no worries, apparently.

Now, imagine a Muslim imam, fully robed, with a beard, walking up and down and not making eye contact with anybody.  Did you imagine that?  Oh oh!  For merely imagining that, trump's people are now after you, and will choke you with a confederate flag!

And then there were young women in hijabs.
There were old women in hijabs.
Black colored hijabs.
Bright colored hijabs.

Yet, nobody seemed to care.

And then it dawned on me.  This was Canada!

Canadians, whom the Americans always made fun as wimps and wusses (yes, there is a difference between the two,) are apparently not afraid of hijabs.  Acting tough and gun-carrying "real" Americans, on the other hand, are afraid that every hijab-wearing woman is nothing but a terrorist in disguise.  So much for the American machismo!

Therefore, the "real" Americans are on a warpath against Muslims.  At this rate, soon, Lady Liberty will be no longer be the revered and cherished symbol for those yearning to be free.  Instead, it will be this sculpture in Toronto--The Immigrant Family:

Damn the hate-filled trump and his voters who have messed up everything for the whole world, even in the old country where abusing Muslims has now been mainstreamed!


Ramesh said...

Canada is a wonderful beacon to the world now, along with Germany & Sweden.

By the way, what IS the difference between a wimp and a wuss ?

How come Canada ?

Sriram Khé said...

wuss is even more derogatory than a wimp--it is derived from combining wimp and puss!!!
The Canadian niceness has always been joked about in the US ... while to people like me, it is about the humor, there are plenty of hardcore Republicans who truly believe that Canadians are wimps. This especially goes back to the days of the Vietnam war, when men who didn't want to fight made their way to Canada instead of spending time in prison here.

I disagree with putting Canada on a level with Germany and Sweden. Those two European countries cannot match Canada in terms of the diversity in the population and the free mixing of those diverse groups.