Sunday, April 09, 2017

This president and his party are a disgrace. Shameful disgrace!

Remember this image?

Remember this one?

How about this one?

Those images of Syrian children were respectively from September 2015, August 2016, and October 2016.

You want to know what donald trump said about all those images, which were all from well before he became the White House tenant?  Like this:
One man said he lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, where Mr Trump has a home, and there were plans to relocate Syrian refugee families there.
He asked Mr Trump if he could "look children aged five, eight, ten, in the face and tell them they can't go to school here".
Mr Trump did not hesitate and said he could, which brought applause from the crowd.
He said: "I can look in their faces and say 'You can't come'. I'll look them in the face.
Even now, nearly three months into his presidency, I cannot understand who is worse: this horrible human being who is now the president, or the people who applauded him and voted for him because he provided such answers.  Fucking miserable voters who elected this horrible man!

And now, as the president, the man cries crocodile tears while trying to show that he is the new sheriff in town:
“I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me – big impact,” Trump said in the White House Rose Garden. “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much … You’re now talking about a whole different level.”
Yes, he will say whatever works for the moment.  An awful, awful, awful human being he is  Shame on the 63 million who voted for this man!

It is only a matter of time before an event, an image, will shock this country's moral consciousness.  I hope we can wake up before then, and not wait for yet another image like the one that woke this country to Vietnam:



Ramesh said...

Ys, the reaction to the latest chemical attack with a bombing seems to be a cynical ploy to get some favourable brownie points. On foreign policy, you truly have a disaster.

Sriram Khé said...

"disaster" you write ...
remember this?: