Saturday, March 18, 2017

What's good for the goose isn't good for trump?

The first thing to surprise me during my only visit to Alaska was this: The driver who picked us up to take us to the airport spoke with an accent, and when I asked him he said he was from Bulgaria.  No, that's not the surprise--after all, lots of shuttle and taxi drivers here are from other countries.  What surprised me was that he was an engineering student in Bulgaria, and this was the second time he was in Alaska for this summer job.

Turned out that he was not the only one.  The front-desk was all Central European!

When school resumed after a few weeks, I asked students in my class why they did not go up to Alaska to do those summer jobs.  "Don't you want to visit Alaska?" I asked them.

There is one guy who knows this really, really, really well, and he is now the president of this country.
His Administration recently made it harder to get H1-B visas, but he has expressed no objection to the visa category that hotels and resorts use—the H-2B—to attract low-cost, low-skilled seasonal labor. In fact, at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach club, the visas are still in active use.
Of course, when it comes to trump, there is no point trying to understand any logic.  He says and does whatever he wants, and whatever his penis tells him to do.  But, the rest of us have to make sense of it all.  What a fucking disaster that 63 million mostly white Christian voters have created!

Anyway, back to this H2 visa issue.
Based on the frequency of Trump’s visits to the opulent club since he took office, Mar-a-Lago appears to be a place—unlike Washington—where he feels at home. It is also a business that, for the past decade, has taken advantage of the H-2B program (distinct from the H-2A program, which is for agricultural workers).
Hospitality businesses like Mar-a-Lago argue that they can’t find Americans to fill seasonal jobs at the wages they advertise. Trump himself has said that “getting help in Palm Beach during the season is almost impossible.”
Basic economics says that people here aren't ready to work as dishwashers because, well, the pay is too low.  All trump has to do is pay the dishwashers more and, presto, more Americans working at Mar-a-Lago.  No need for those immigrant workers.

So, trump tweets nothing about the H2 visas that his business misuses.  However, he rails against the H1 visas that the businesses in the tech industry thrive on.  How screwed up is that?  Think about this: Can Mar-a-Lago immediately close down and move to a different place if the H2 is slammed shut?  Nope.  The hospitality business is place-bound.  Geography is a constraint.  Right?

Now, think about the tech industry.  If we do not allow them to bring people in with H1 visas?  Ahem, they can pack up and leave.  Yes?
If they can’t hire the engineers and the programmers they need in Silicon Valley, they can move to Vancouver or Mumbai. “The cutting edge of innovation is usually in a place that is very diverse and open, and if this place loses its edge there is relocation,” Peri said. There’s no similar justification for maintaining the visa for the hospitality business. Some hotels would have trouble finding workers without a big wage bump, but the businesses themselves wouldn’t move offshore; you can’t substitute a room in Vancouver for a suite at Mar-a-Lago.
Don't we want those highly value-adding, and jobs-generating, tech jobs here in America?

Which then brings us back to the question of why trump yells and tweets against theh H1 visas but has nothing to say about the H2 visas.
it seems that, when it comes to his own businesses, he’s not eager to take a hit. And no one is making him.
Yep.  No one is making him even say anything about it, leave alone do anything about it.  Blame those fucking 63 million voters, which include those spineless Republican bastards in the Senate and the House.

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