Monday, February 27, 2017

In America under trump, women will have lots of kids. Yeah, right!

When discussing population dynamics, I have often asked students about the number of children of the recent US presidents.


The president before him?
Bush. Two.

Before him?
Clinton. One.

I then ask them if they didn't have more kids because they could not afford too many children.
Of course not!

They didn't keep trying until they had a boy?  I mean, all girls?  A chuckle.

I would then ask them if they know how rich Bill Gates is.  We would laugh.  I would follow up with a silly question: Is he rich enough to afford to have, say, twenty kids?  But, he does not, right?

I stopped doing this routine this year.  I just have a tough time even writing it: president donald t. rump!  I don't want to talk about the number of children he has!

The point the exercise would lead to is this: Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton, had careers independent of their husbands.  And almost always, the world over, as women get educated and start working outside their homes, well, they don't have too many kids.

Of course, you know all these.  But, I am not sure if trump understands such things, and whether his base does either.  Because, if they did, they will seriously worry about their tough stand against immigration.  "Without immigration, the U.S. would look a lot more like Japan"
Immigrants -- young, hard-working newcomers who help provide for the elderly native-born -- are the only thing saving the U.S. from that fate. During the 1950s, when fertility was very high, low immigration levels weren’t a problem. But now, with the baby boom heading toward retirement and even the modest fertility rise of the 1990s and early 2000s fading, immigration is the only option for keeping the economy vibrant.
In his personal life though, trump did exactly that--he married two immigrants with whom he had four children.  American women are not having kids to even replace the population that is dying!

Even the pro-business WSJ is running stories like this, which includes the following graphic that can be easily tweeted at 3:00 am:

If all these are so obvious, then how come the president and his minions talk shit?  Oh, yeah, I forgot that they deal only with alternative-facts!
immigrants are a pillar propping up U.S. economic dominance. Knock out that pillar, and the edifice could very well crumble.
Seriously, 63 million voters for this guy?  I mean, this guy?


Ramesh said...

I wonder how society will cope when the global population itself starts to decline (say in another 50 years ?) People will live longer and will have lesser children. That will have profound consequences for mankind.

Perhaps Japan & the US can be laboratories for experimenting with solutions. Immigration is obviously not the answer when the global numbers themselves decline.

Sriram Khé said...

Globally, the population will continue to increase all the way through to the end of this century. But, yes, that eventual end of the population growth is coming. The end is nigh!
trump and his people don't care because they are not interested in the long-run. All they care about is wiping out the brown-skins for now. But, they don't realize that the white population decline has been well underway ...

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